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    Solar PV Inverters
Large solar power installations depend on PV inverters that are reliable, advanced and proven in the industry to provide efficient and stable power.  PV inverters provided by MTTS maximize array performance and uptime through a combination of system intelligence, advanced command and control capabilities, industrial-grade engineering, and total lifecycle performance optimization.

String inverters for feeding grid-connected photovoltaics systems are the one of the best choices for medium-sized systems. Outstanding peak
efficiency factors, patented technology and high-quality workmanship make them a reliable choice for permanently high system yields. This is ideally complemented by simple operation and comprehensive warranty and servicing options.

Key features of the String Inverters:
Peak efficiency factor of 98% for highest possible yields
Split second MPP tracking for variable light condition guarantees extremely efficient operation
Efficient cooling with innovative PowerCool technology
Extremely flexible for nearly all system configurations and module types
Three-phase design rules out unbalanced grid loads
Minimal space requirements and short mounting times in comparison with several single-phase systems
Internal and external mounting possible