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    Gas, Air & Water Filtration and Purification Systems
MTTS is a leading supplier of products and solutions with focus on gas, air and water filtration/cleaning/purification, critical space ventilation control and specialty ventilation and exhaust systems.

Some of the sectors covered include:
Environmental Products
Dust Collectors - Pulse Jet Baghouse Type
Dust Collectors - Cyclone Type
Dust Collectors - Cartridge Type
Carbon Absorbers
Wet Gas Scrubbers - Packed Bed Type
Filtration - Water/Liquid
Products for Clean Rooms, Laboratories and Healthcare Sectors
Exhaust Systems - High Plume Dilution Type
Fire & Smoke Dampers
Odor Removal Systems
Venturi Air Valves & Airflow Systems
Air Filters & Filter Housings
Kitchen Hood Exhaust Filtration
Ventilation Isolation Dampers
Laminar Diffuser Terminal Hoods
High Purity Water Systems
Airflow Control Dampers
Particulate Filter Housings & Filters
Commercial Sector Products
Fire & Smoke Dampers
UV Air Duct Disinfection Systems
Ozone Generators
Control & Shut-off Dampers
Bi-Polar Ionization Systems
Kitchen Hood Exhaust Filtration
Particulate Filter Housings & Filters
Electrostatic Air Cleaners
Supply & Exhaust Fans
Inertial Air Cleaners & Filters
Odor Removal Systems
Industrial Sector Products
High Pressure Process Fans
Blast Containment Dampers
Process Containment Dampers
Chemical Media Filters
Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filters
Electrical Room Pressurization Systems