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    gas, air & water filtration and purification systems
mtts is a leading supplier of products and solutions with focus on gas, air and water filtration/cleaning/purification, critical space ventilation control and specialty ventilation and exhaust systems.

some of the sectors covered include:
environmental products
dust collectors - pulse jet baghouse type
dust collectors - cyclone type
dust collectors - cartridge type
carbon absorbers
wet gas scrubbers - packed bed type
filtration - water/liquid
products for clean rooms, laboratories and healthcare sectors
exhaust systems - high plume dilution type
fire & smoke dampers
odor removal systems
venturi air valves & airflow systems
air filters & filter housings
kitchen hood exhaust filtration
ventilation isolation dampers
laminar diffuser terminal hoods
high purity water systems
airflow control dampers
particulate filter housings & filters
commercial sector products
fire & smoke dampers
uv air duct disinfection systems
ozone generators
control & shut-off dampers
bi-polar ionization systems
kitchen hood exhaust filtration
particulate filter housings & filters
electrostatic air cleaners
supply & exhaust fans
inertial air cleaners & filters
odor removal systems
industrial sector products
high pressure process fans
blast containment dampers
process containment dampers
chemical media filters chemical media filters
gas turbine inlet air filters
electrical room pressurization systems
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