Electrical Cables And Connectors
For Electrical Cables and Connectors, MTTS offers products from a leading manufacturer of electrical contacts and connectors.  These products are based upon a unique Multilam Technology with many patents which are evidence of the deep engineering knowledge and ability to meet the demands of today's market. Being ISO 9001 certified ensures these products fulfill the highest quality standards, offering a broad range of connectors for many industrial applications, and specializing in the design of customized solutions.

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Solar Cables  
For increased energy output and system efficiency, all PV systems must be designed to minimize voltage drops. Furthermore, PV module wiring and cables are typically exposed to outside weather elements.   Many solar PV installers use neoprene (HO7RN-F) cables. However, our experience in many installations shows that these cables are not suitable. The insulation in exposed neoprene cables tends to crack after a few years in an exposed environment and will lead to insulation problems.

These  solar  cables  are  extremely  robust  and  resist  high  mechanical  load  and  abrasion.  High temperature  resistance  and  excellent  weather  proofing   characteristics  provide  a  long  service  life.  The characteristics of these solar cables are:

1,000V DC Voltage rating and Halogen-free
Application temperature range from -40ºC to +125ºC (+110V – TÜV)
High resistance against UV, ozone and hydrolysis
Very high mechanical robustness and resistance against water, oil and chemicals
Insulation  is  made  from  electron-beam  cross-linked  polymers  which  do  not  melt  or  flow,  even  at  high
temperatures. Cross-linking also results in an excellent long-term heat and stress crack resistance
32 times longer life than PVC and 8 times longer than XPLE/PE
TÜV approved (TÜV Rheinland 2 Pfg 1169, certificate R02210086)

These cables are typically fixed to the mounting structures using UV proof cable ties (Colring™) up to the
Generator Junction boxes. Maximal admissible temperature is 105 degrees Celsius After coupling, Keystone cables of bigger sections are used down to the Inverters Station. As the maximal operating temperature is 90 degrees Celsius, careful consideration will be used to protect these cables either through additional cable trenching or existing cable trays.